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New Death After Right Wing Attacks

Eleven Killed by Fascist Violence in Venezuela

Venezuela | 9 de mayo de 2013

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Yesterday activist Gerardo Chavez Rico died in San Cristobal, Tachira. Rico spent 23 days in a coma in the Social Security Hospital "Dr. Patrocinio Peñuela Dr. Ruiz" as a result of a vicious beating by far-right groups.

The Chavista activist was attacked on April 15, after an outbreak of violence by fascist groups instigated by the losing candidate Henrique Capriles.

Rico’s death brings the number to eleven killed by the violent attacks of right-wing groups. The attacks were directed to people who were celebrating the Chavista victory as well as social institutions in popular neighborhoods. In Táchira there are five dead as a result of these attacks.

No official figures speak to the number of dead, though we must consider the murder of Johnny Pacheco, who on April 20 was killed by gunmen in Baruta, a municipality ruled by the opposition. Pacheco was a Chavista militant and defended the Piedra Azul Medical Clinic (CDI), resulting in the killing of two militants April 15.

The following weeks, many social organizations and groups mobilized to demand justice for those killed. The Minister of Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, held press conferences in which he denounced the silencing of the private media against these deplorable events. He recalled that the largest national print media dud not publish any information regarding the violence except in peripheral boxes on the back pages. Similarly, relatives of Johnny Pacheco denounced the media for misrepresenting his statements and manipulating the truth.

On April 19, during President Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration speech at the National Assembly, he said that "we will not see impunity here, we will see justice, those who incited and committed these crimes are going to pay." Subsequently he announced that the perpetrators are being detained and that there will be a “tough hand” to condemn these criminal actions.

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