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Rejection of U.S. Interference in Latin America and the Caribbean

Farmworkers, Fishermen, Fisherwomen, and Workers’ Councils in Defense of Sovereignty

Venezuela | 9 de mayo de 2013

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On Wednesday May 8th, Venezuelan farmers and fishermen/women movements organized a press conference in Caracas. Under the image of Ezequiel Zamora, in the park that bears his name, representatives expressed their determination to defend the country’s sovereignty. The day before, a similar activity held in the state of Lara.

"We are different movements of peasants, fishermen, farmers, mobilized in opposition to the imperial aggression against the homeland of Bolivar, of Chavez’s, that awoke in 1998 to gain independence and national sovereignty," said Kevin Reid, a spokesman for the Revolutionary Current Bolívar and Zamora (CRBZ). "We mobilized before Obama’s irresponsible remarks, disrespecting our national independence, disrespecting the sovereignty of the homeland".

During the press conference, workers and rural workers also asked Obama if he was so concerned about rights, if the bombings in Iraq, Libya, Syria, were not a violation of human rights, noting "Capriles’s murderers and his henchmen, who at this time go around the world trying to ask for foreign intervention, we tell them to remember April 13 ", referring to the failed coup of 2002, in which precisely the defeated right wing candidate, at that time mayor of Baruta, took a leading part, joining a mob that tried to invade the Cuban Embassy, violating national and international law. "To President Obama we say that he should address the hunger and misery of his people," said a spokesman emphatically.

Amada Garcia, spokeswoman for the Simon Bolivar National Farmers and Fishermen Front, said "We are a sovereign people, the people decided to change for the better. For the first time, after so many years of struggle, 14 years ago we won our freedom against the oligarchy" , adding that Venezuela is a peaceful country, which is "at war yes, but against hunger, against the oligarchy and against human rights violations."

Activity in Lara

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, May 7th, in Barquisimeto, on the premises of the Venezuelan Food Corporation (CVAL), different organizations gathered to express their rejection of U.S. President Obama’s statements.

According to reports by Lazarus Mariluz communications spokeswoman for the Pío Tamayo Socialist Council of Workers, called on peasant movements including the Agrarian Socialist Movement, Landless Movement-Venezuela and workers of different organizations.

"We believe that President Obama does not have the moral authority to give his opinion on the constitutional and sovereign situations incumbent clearly to the Venezuelan people," they said. "The Bolivarian people today walks on its own legs, Venezuela got up to never bend. As worthy heirs of the heroic blood of Bolivar, we walk into the future with Chavez and Maduro to face any evil that undermines their dignity."

They also felt that the statements made by Obama during his tour last week about other countries in Latin America are "outdated and intemperate," noting that "without arguments he shamelessly went against the results issued by the National Electoral Council last April 14. The results reflected the will of the majority of the people ".

"The Venezuelan electoral system is automated, acknowledged and reaffirmed worldwide as one of the most transparent and efficient, and even the best in the world. This cannot be confirmed by the US American Electoral System. Where you were elected president with a retrograde dubious electoral system, where labor rights are being violated and your government tramples human rights issues as abhorrent as the Guantanamo Bay prison or killing innocents in wars in around the world."

"We know that such statements are not naive, they are confirmed by the development of an evil plan that internal enemies of the country have been running for a few months. Such statements are the beginning of the second phase of a destabilization plan, seeking to create the perception of conflict and crisis in Venezuela before international bodies and thus justifying military intervention. In this sense, the organized working class reject the conscious interventionist attitude of Mr. Obama. The Venezuelan people is awake and mature, we are a people who have learned to defend our struggles against neocolonial claims. Venezuela will never be a colony of anyone," they concluded.

Source: ALBA TV / fvp

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