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So Far There Has Been No Evidence of Voter Fraud

Venezuela: Second Day of Election Audit Concludes Successfully

Venezuela | 7 May 2013

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The second day of the recount process in Venezuela, concerning the April 14th presidential elections, culminated on Tuesday. So far there has been no sign of electoral fraud declared Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE).

"Until now, the extent of citizen verification (...) has reported zero error in the Capital (the greater part of Caracas), Anzoategui, Apure and Aragua," the CNE said in a statement.

According to the CNE, three states have counted votes and 348 polling stations were audited, but "there were no cases of vouchers (of votes) counting against the results without justification."

The audit of the Venezuelan elections, which will be submitted with over ten thousand boxes, opened on Monday by direct order of the CNE at the request of the Venezuelan opposition that had previously rejected the election results and the victory of Nicolas Maduro these April 14th elections.

However, Henrique Capriles, opposition leader and defeated candidate rejected in advance the results of the audit process, claiming that the CNE is controlled by the ruling party.

Nicolas Maduro won with 50.6% of the votes against opposition candidate Henrique Capriles who won 49.07%. Within hours of the announcement of the presidential election results, groups convened by the losing candidate took to the streets to protest and ignore the democratically elected president.

As a result of the acts of violence carried out by anti-Chavez groups after rejecting the results of the presidential elections on April 14, a total of nine people were killed and 78 were injured.

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